Heritage Bible Church, Port Lavaca, TX
Heritage Bible Church
Monday, July 22, 2024
Study to show yourself approved by God, a workman that needs not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)



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John 1:1-5                                             "The Word... Jesus"

John 1:1-5                                             "The Word... Jesus, (Part 2)"

JOhn 1:6-13                                          "Responding to the Word... Jesus"

John 1:14-18                                        "The Glorious Word... Jesus"

John 1:14-18                                        "the Glorious Word... Jesus, (Part 2)"

JOhn 1: 19-37                                       "The Witness to the Word"

JOhn 1:19-37                                        "The witness to the Word (Part2)"

John 1:38-51                                        "Seeking (Part1)"

John 1:38-51                                        "Seeking (Part2)"

John 2:1-11                                             "Miracle at Cana"

John 2:12-22                                        "Zeal"

John 3:1-10                                           "Nicodemus"

John 3:11-21                                         "responding to the Gospel"

John 3:11-21                                         "Responding to the Gospel (Part2)"

John 4:1-26                                         "Living water and a thirsty woman"

John 4:27-42                                       "The Savior is here and it's harvest time!"

John 4:43-54                                      "Facing Unbelief"

John 4:43-54                                      "Facing UnbeliEf (Part 2)"

J0hn 5:1-16                                            "Facing Persecution"

JOhn 5:1-16                                            "Facing Persecution (Part 2)"

John 5:17-24                                          "Christ's Amazing CLaim"

John 5:25-29                                        "Two Resurrections"

John 5:30-47                                        "Can I get a witness?!"

JOhn 6:1-15                                             "THe Fabulous Feast (Part 1)"

JOhn 6:1-15                                             "The Fabulous Feast (Part 2)"

JOhn 6:16-29                                        "True Vs. False Disciples (Part 1)"

John 6:16-29                                        "True Vs. False Disciples (Part 2)"

John 6:30-50                                       "The Bread of Life (Part 1)"

John 6:30-50                                       "The Bread of Life (Part 2)"


John 10:1-21                                             "The Good Shepherd"


John 11:1-16                                             "Raising Lazarus (Part 1): God's Glory Above our plans"

John 11:17-36                                         "Raising Lazarus (Part 2): Trusting in God's Glory"

John 11:37-44                                        "Raising Lazarus (Part 3): Demonstrating God's Glory" 


jOHN 12:12-16                                        "tHE kING wHO cAME TO dIE"

jOHN 12:17-26                                        "The Gentile Gospel Preview"

jOHN 12:17-26                                        "The Gentile Gospel Preview, (Part 2)"

jOHN 14:15-26                                        "Our spiritual inheritance, (Part 2)"

jOHN 14:27                                               "Having True Peace"

jOHN 14:28-31                                        "Christ's View of the Cross"

jOHN 15:1-6                                              "The Vine Dresser"

jOHN 15:2-11                                             "The Vine Branches"